Crypt from Lachen SZ, was formed in 2001 by Michael Böni (guitar), Beni Ziegler (guitar) and Yamato Adachi (drums). They entered the stage with their fast Trash Metal for the first time in May 2004 at Fismo in Einsiedeln. One year later they presented their new and steady line-up at the Schawen in Pfäffikon. On bass guitar was and still is Branimir Kozic and on the mic was Rolf "Jimmy“ Waldmeier. This line-up produced numerous showes and in 2007 their "The Skull EP“.


In 2010 the band was silent. Beni and Jimmy moved to stoner rock city Winterthur and Yami became tired of playing drums. Thankfully the remaining members, Böni and Branko, kept the flag, and often the beers, high. After six years and various line-up changes, Crypt is ready to conquer the stage with new songs and old strength.


With guitarist Roger Feusi (ex-Hyperium) since 2013, vocalist Mike Slaine (ex-Cruszt) and drummer Philipp Wyder since 2017, are three new and experienced members on board who are ready to fire from all cannons. Crypt was always a guarantee for virtuosic drums and sawing guitars. Now in 2017 Crypt is adding death metal elements to their sound and doesn't even stop from using black metal interludes. Of course the old songs, which will be played in a harder way, won't be forgotten in Crypts second coming. So be aware!


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Current Lineup

Since 2017

Branimir Kozic / Roger Feusi / Mike Slaine / Michael Böni / Philipp Wyder